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Emergency Group

The "Urgence" AFPS crisis group is the association's collaboration group in charge of developing, assessing and launching the diagnosis system in case of a national seismic crisis.

The national DGSCGC-AFPS convention , which officializes the AFPS's "Urgence" system, was recently signed (on September 15th, 2014). The AFPS is therefore - as a recognized authority - now part of the national system in charge of managing sismic crises, and anticipates crises (by helping planification) as well as helping to manage them by carrying out post-earthquake diagnoses on buildings.

The AFPS's "Urgence" system is run by volunteers who are not necessarily members of the association. These volunteers either wish to become construction inspectors operating in a post-earthquake emergency situation, or just offer to provide help and logistic support in case the system is launched in the event of an earthquake.

Would you like to volunteer? We need your help!

The initial qualifying training session is a compulsory introduction for volunteers' participation. It lasts 4 days and three training sessions are planned in France for 2015:

  •  on June 5th, 8th,9th and 10th in Guadeloupe ;
  •  on June 4th,5th,8th and 9th in Martinique ;
  •  in Fall 2015 in the Marseille region, on the French mainland

"De Toute Urgence !" is the AFPS's crisis group newsletter, keeping up to date with the national system in charge of carrying out diagnoses on constructions and buildings in emergency situations after earthquakes. Its goal is to provide readers with a global overview of the latest sismic events.

Posters are available if you wish to communicate about the "Urgence" group.

This system is governed by a number of procedures and reflex notes, as well as by the national convention.