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Technical Day - June 12th, 2014

Constructions' vulnerability and seismic strengthening

Strengthening systems and methods for bridges and buildings

Find here the presentations made during the Technical Day on June 12th, 2014

Morning session : 9:15am -1:00pm

- Legal framework for seismic design and reassessment of normal-risk bridges and buildings (30min) (Hiromi Kobayashi)


- Assessment method of seismic risk associated to structures and criteria linked (45min) (Philippe Bisch)


- Definition and limits of non-aggravating work on buildings (30min) (Pierre-Éric Thévenin)


- Presentation of the different strengthening methods specific to buildings : techniques and practical examples (1h45min)

Metal structures (Pierre-Olivier Martin)


Concrete and brick structures (Ménad Chénaf,Wolfgang Jalil and Davidovici Victor)


Wooden structures (Éric Fournely)


Afternoon session : 2:15pm -4:15pm

- Practical example for schools in the West Indies (30min) (Stéphane Cazadieu)


- Seismic vulnerability and seismic strengthening of bridges (45min) (Denis Davi and Emmanuel Ferrier)


- Presentation of special earthquake-resistant systems for bridges and examples of applications (45 min) (Denis Davi and Aurélie Vivier)