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Rules and regulations

Evolution réglementaire en Italie

Le 28 février 2017, le Ministère italien des infrastructures et transports a publié un décret important concernant la classification sismique des bâtiments :


Regulations concerning ICPE special risk buildings (ICPE-Seveso)

The ministerial decree of January 24th, 2011 which changes the ministerial decree of October 4th, 2010 concerning the prevention of accidental risks for constructions classified for the protection of the environment subject to authorization, sets the earthquake-resistant building rules for "special risk" constructions.

Regulations concerning normal risk buildings

A ministerial ruling on buildings and two decrees on seismic risk, from October 22nd, 2010 were published in the French Republic Official Journal on October 24th of the same year. Read them here.

Construction rules

Earthquake-resistant building rules applicable to buildings and bridges.

Regulations concerning protection against earthquakes

Protecting new constructions against earthquakes is required by public authorities, and specific rules have been set in order to achieve this requirement.

Seismic zoning map

Seismic zoning map


Seismic zoning