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The "Sismo des Ecoles" website

The "education pages" of the Sismic Supervision Network of the OMP for the Pyrénées region, in Toulouse

IRIS : Education and Outreach in the US website

Seismic risk

The BRGM's website on seismic risk prevention, with the support of the Ministry in charge of Sustainable Development : www.planseisme.fr

Launched on December 19th, 2012, as part of the Paris-Saclay project, the Institut SEISM is a scientific interest grouping created by the CEA, EDF, the Ecole Centrale Paris, the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Cachan and the CNRS. The institute's goal is to federate these partners' skills in the seismic risk field, and aims to become an international reference point in this field. In order to do so, the Institute works with fifty academics, and with a unique experimental instrument in Europe, the CEA's Tamaris test platform. The Institute also works with the simulation means of the research and development from EDF and other partners.


The Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg
The French educational website : how to know everything about earthquakes, calculating magnitude, calculating epicentral distance, sismicity in France and instrumentation

G. Anderson's classes : seismic waves, seismic recordings, magnitudes, plate tectonics

Earthquake consequences, and predictions

Earth Sciences

University of Laval, Québec ( Pierre-André Bourque)
EVERYTHING on our planet, notes about plate tectonics, geology, phenomenons above and under the surface of the Earth - a real lecture with many pictures

USGS, United States (W.J. Kious and R.I. Tilling)
Many illustrations of plate tectonics (to complete the previous website)

Earthquake Engineering

National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, University of Berkeley, California
See also the EQIIS Image Database - a pictures and slides database on damage caused by earthquakes

NISEE, (V. V. Bertero)
Full notes on earthquakes and the damage caused to constructions and soils

Washington University, USA
THE website dedicated to soil liquefaction : the phenomenon itself, its consequences, how to protect yourself, research on soil liquefaction

Documents historiques sur le site du CNUM (Musée des Arts et Métiers)

 Le site internet du CNUM (CNAM numérique) a mis en ligne de nombreux documents techniques ayant un lien avec l’aléa sismique et la prévention de ses effets.