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AFPS Prize

The aim of the AFPS Prize is to encourage and promote studies, research and innovative experiments in the earthquake engineering field. The AFPS Prize is awarded during the AFPS National Conference. Engineers, academics and scholars aged under 45 on the day they submit their project may take part in the contest, and may work alone or as a team.

Work submitted in the contest may tackle one of the following topics :
- materials' behaviour
- developing calculation methods
- designing all sorts of earthquake-resistant structures
- developing specific equipment or materials
- applied research leading to progress in the earthquake engineering field
- training in the earthquake engineering field and informing professionals and the public
- sociological questions linked to seismic risks

The jury is made up of at least three members appointed by the Board, of which at least one person who is not an AFPS member.Particular attention will be drawn by the jury as to how the ideas, concepts and methods presented can be implemented.The application must include a resumé and a 2-page description of the work achieved in the last 4 years.

Deadline for submission : October 31st, 2015 at midnight at the following email address : afps@enpc.fr