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Objectives and field of activity of the AFPS

Object of the association

The French Association for Earthquake Engineering (AFPS) is a non-profit association ("loi 1901"). Jean Despeyroux took the initiative of founding it - it was founded on December 14th, 1983.

This association's object is to study earthquakes and their consequences on the soil, as well as on constructions and their environment. Its object is also to research and promote any measures potentially minimizing these consequences and protecting human lives.

Fields of activity

  • Seismology
  • Seismic movements
  • Site instrumentation
  • Effects of earthquakes on the soil, on constructions and on industrial facilities
  • Analysis of dynamic behaviour through calculations and experiments
  • By extension, analysis of the behaviour of materials and structures undergoing vibratory excitation
  • Security determination
  • Vulnerability of constructions and strengthening techniques
  • Social and economic aspects of the prevention of seismic risks
  • Evolutions of legal frameworks and technical codification