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Activities carried out

The AFPS carries out various activities : missions on the ground, working groups, knowledge dissemination, reporting on regulations and international cooperation.

Activities carried out by the AFPS

The main actions carried out by the AFPS are the following:

Post-earthquake reconaissance missions

Ready to leave instantly and travel around the world, AFPS members, experts in various fields, have as an objective to get hold of any information useful to enrich knowledge of seismic movements and knowledge of the behaviour of constructions and buildings.

Working groups

Made up of experts in a limited number, these groups study precise topics, carry out theoretical and experimental research on the behaviour of materials and constructions undergoing vibratory excitation, and formulate the "AFPS Recommendations". These recommendations reflect French earthquake engineering know-how, and are used as a basis when framing the French standards for earthquake-resistant building.

Dissemination of knowledge


Publications : AFPS Bulletins, AFPS Technical Notes, AFPS Recommendations, Post-earthquake reconaissance missions reports, Reports on symposiums, Reports on research, Guides


Events : On all sorts of topics, usually technical topics, in all fields covered by AFPS activities, meetings, conferences, debates, symposiums, conventions, seminars, information days.

French and European Regulations

Source of the texts to design French technical codifications: PS standards.
Collaboration in work to design French regulations, decrees, and orders, on seismic risk prevention.
Active monitoring of the framing of European standards (Eurocode 8).

International cooperation

Taking part in conventions, seminars and symposiums organized by other countries or at the international level.
Exchanging documents and working with experts from various countries.
The AFPS is a member of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE) and of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE).