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What about...the AFPS's future?

Yesterday, today...and tomorrow?

Take part in the development of your association

For more than a year now, the association's members have been thinking about and discussing the "AFPS's future". These discussions, organized within a specific Working Group, appear to be something essential for an association launched 32 years ago already.

Many developments are possible, and many questions need to be considered - for example the association's various missions and activities, the way the association is organized, the question whether its work and activities match the needs of civil society and the expectancies of the association's partners, and so on. To answer these questions in a pragmatic manner, we would like to know what the main actors (members or non-members) of the AFPS think....in other words, you!

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The various answers will be considered, and will be presented during the AFPS Conference in December 2015. We will continue, with you, to think about "the AFPS, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow".