The French Association for Earthquake Engineering (AFPS) is an association founded on December 14th, 1983. Its object is to study earthquakes, their consequences on the soil, on constructions and on their environment, and to develop and promote measures minimizing these consequences and protecting human lives. The association has over 750 members in 26 countries - these members all working in different professional environments (international groupes, adminnistrations, technical agencies, schools, universities,...) and specializing in various fields (engineers, geophysicists, architects, crisis management experts, sociologists...). The 32 collective members represent the State (eg the Ministry for Ecology-MEEDDM, the CEA...) but can also represent international firms (EDF, Vinci,...) and technical and monitoring agencies.

As soon as it was founded, the AFPS received some support from the State. The French government asked for AFPS experts' advice as to the state of the art of earthquake knowledge and knowledge of their consequences, and also knowledge of the ways to be protected against these consequences through earthquake-resistant building rules. For this reason, the AFPS is consulted by the MEEDDM on a regular basis, concerning regulations for normal risk and special risk building. The association's main activities are : sharing and capitalising knowledge within working groups in order to disseminate this knowledge, mainly using technical guides, disseminating good practice, training, taking part in research programs, cooperating at the international level (eg participating in conventions, providing feedback on major earthquakes...).

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Rapports d'activité AFPS

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