The AFPS's activities have as an object to study earthquakes, their consequences on the soil, on constructions and on their environment, and to research and promote any measure minimizing these consequences and protecting human lives.

The activities are organized by the various bodies within the AFPS : the CAREX, the CST, the Youth Group, and so on.


The French Association for Earthquake Engineering (AFPS) is an association founded on December 14th, 1983. Its object is to study earthquakes, their consequences on the soil, on constructions and on their environment, and to develop and promote measures minimizing these consequences and protecting human lives. The association has over 750 members in 26 countries - these members all working in different professional environments (international groupes, adminnistrations, technical agencies, schools, universities,...) and specializing in various fields (engineers, geophysicists, architects, crisis management experts, sociologists...). The 32 collective members represent the State (eg the Ministry for Ecology-MEEDDM, the CEA...) but can also represent international firms (EDF, Vinci,...) and technical and monitoring agencies.


The Comité des Relations et Actions Extérieures (CAREX - External Relations and Actions Committee) also disseminates earthquake engineering knowledge, especially by developing partnerships with the Administration and other organizations. Firstly, with the Ministry in charge of ecology matters, for which communication and information actions have been led as well as technical actions, supported for a number of years and previously raised. This means, for example, taking part in the national conference on natural risks in Bordeaux in January 2012, and in the meetings of the National Observatory on Natural Risks users' committee. Other partnerships were also or are currently being set up, with the Institute for the Prevention and Management of Human Risks (IPGR), the French Institute for Major Risks Education Instructors (IFFO-RME)...


The CST writes technical notes on request from the Board and is in charge of the Association's scientific and technical production. This work is mainly done by working groups, whose working themes and members are chosen and appointed by the CST - the CST validates the results of their work. These results are mainly circulated through technical notes or guides and during Technical Days.

Youth Group

The AFPS Youth Group is the main dialogue forum for young earthquake engineers and young professionals in the seismology field. This Group also encourages them to promote their work. Learn more.


West Indies Group

The West Indies Group has about a hundred members in Guadeloupe and Martinique.


The "Urgence" AFPS crisis group is the association's collaboration group in charge of developing, assessing and launching the diagnosis system in case of a national seismic crisis.

Post-seismic missions

Missions post-sismiques

Following major earthquakes, the AFPS organizes post-seismic missions. The association is materially supported by various French governmental bodies and other organizations, and gets help from French representations abroad and local authorities.

Their objectives, the organization and the ways of getting involved are explained in detail in this document.