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Unscrupulous furniture manufacturers

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Anonymous User

samedi 22 janvier 2022 10:47:10

I contacted a furniture company and it seems to me that they were scammers because I paid the full price and I've been waiting for two months.

Anonymous User

samedi 22 janvier 2022 11:04:58

Oh, it's always very annoying. Maybe you should call the police? Do they answer you at all?

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samedi 22 janvier 2022 11:59:00

Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon, so you should always take the time to read the reviews on the company. This is how I chose when I was looking for a store where to buy a new kitchen set. If anyone is planning a kitchen renovation with a change of furniture, then I highly recommend this company.

Anonymous User

jeudi 02 juin 2022 09:07:13

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shikhar das

lundi 06 juin 2022 16:48:31

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