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Privacy tools and anonymous browsers in 2022

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mercredi 01 juin 2022 01:06:17

The best anonymous browsers and privacy tools make it simple and easy to protect your data against unauthorized collection and use by third-parties.

Protecting your personal user data when surfing the net has become increasingly difficult. This is a concern due to the sheer amount of personally-identifiable data that internet companies now try to collect from their users.

For companies such as Facebook and Google, the aim is to help them better understand users so they can better target advertising at them. However, businesses in general have become used to see user tracking as a legitimate way of finding out more about potential customers.

The result is that individual internet users can end up with dozens of tracking scripts download to their browser which follow which websites are being visited.

Usually this is all installed without even asking for permission, and it's become such a real concern now that the European Union launched GDPR as an attempt to empower users with a choice of which cookies and scripts they actually consent to.

Anonymous User

mercredi 01 juin 2022 01:12:10

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