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Essay: plan and structure of the text

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Betty Dawson

mercredi 15 septembre 2021 15:56:56

Any text, whether it's a thesis, essay, paper, short story, or essay, should have a clear structure. Even a blog post, the most nuclear "skimmer," has its own structure. Let alone an essay.

What distinguishes an essay from many other student papers is "freedom of creativity. Alas, we all know: the more freedom, the more responsibility. Getting this very freedom, you have to think over the structure of the future all assignment help review. The structure largely depends on the goals, form, type, and scope of the work. A narrative essay will start with the introduction, an essay-illustration essay with one or several theses. An essay of the "causal analysis" type will have to line up in accordance with the laws of logic. And in no other way.

The structure can simply be thought through. But it's better to take a sheet of paper and sketch an approximate plan. The plan is the "skeleton" of the text, on which you will later build up the "flesh. Any text needs a plan, essays need it in the first place.

Making a plan
Any written work, any text has:

By "introduction" and "conclusion" you can mean the first and last paragraphs. These elements of the text should not be treated formally. The first paragraph or the first part of the text introduces the reader, leads him to the problem to which the essay is devoted. There is no need for a long introduction - one or two paragraphs will be quite enough.

Main part
The main part requires the most attention. Especially when making a plan. It can have a different structure:

Thesis-Argumentation, Thesis-Argumentation, Thesis-Argumentation, etc. In this case, first we fix a thought, then we prove it;
Reverse structure (fact-conclusion). Describing a situation or giving facts, drawing a conclusion. And so - several times.
A thesis and some arguments (facts). In this case, one idea is supported by several illustrations. The thesis may be in the beginning, or after these illustrations.
By "thesis" we mean a short finished thought that the author wants to convey to the reader of the essay. By an argument, we mean some kind of proof of the thesis. It can be a situation from life, news, a scientist's opinion, a scientific theory, or a fact proven by science.

Ideally, one thesis should be supported by two arguments. One may seem unconvincing to the reader, and three will overload the text. However, you are free to give your thesis to any number of arguments - much depends on the idea itself, the logic of the story, the volume, the plan of the text. It is important to keep the logic, brevity and imagery of the text.

In the conclusion, as a rule, summarize everything that was said in the essay. The author together with the reader sums up the results. It is important that the conclusions are not far-fetched and do not arise "out of nowhere". In the conclusion - only what the reader should come to after reading the main part of your work.

Structure of the main part of the text
It is important that the main part was built on the laws of logic. You can go from simple to complex, you can conduct analysis or synthesis, use the method of deduction and induction. In order to build a logical text:

- fix theses;
- select to each thesis several arguments;
- Line up the theses in a logical sequence: one idea must follow from the other.

You will have a detailed plan. It remains to "build up" the text on it - and your essay will almost be ready. But before you start working on the text, check whether the theses are lined up in a logical sequence and whether the evidence is convincing enough.

Where to begin?
It is best to begin with the main part of the text. It is easier to finish the introduction and conclusion afterwards, after you are sure that the basis of your essay is logical and understandable to the reader. If you have taken care of a detailed plan, you can write in order - it will be easy.

There are also times when you are lazy, have no time or desire to write an essay. In this case, you can order it. A few hours and everything will be ready.

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samedi 18 septembre 2021 07:53:34

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jeudi 23 septembre 2021 00:18:50

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iebsgbhssc iebsgbhssc

vendredi 19 novembre 2021 14:35:57

Any text, be it a thesis, abstract, article, story or essay, must have a clear structure. Even an entry in a blozhik, the most nuclear "lytybry," has its own structure. What can we say about the essay.

The essay differs from many other student works by its “creative freedom”. Alas, we all know: the more freedom, the more responsibility. Having received this very freedom, you must think over the structure of the future essay yourself. The structure largely depends on the goals, form, type, volume of work. An essay-narrative will begin with a set, an essay-illustration - with one or more theses. Essays like "causal analysis" will have to be built in accordance with the laws of logic. And nothing else.

The structure can be simply thought out. But it's better to take a piece of paper and sketch out a rough outline. The plan is the "skeleton" of the text, on which you will subsequently build up the "flesh". Any text needs a plan, an essay needs it first of all. And if you need help with this, then it is better to contact the specialists.

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vendredi 04 février 2022 01:39:01

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